Things are a’happenin’.

The site is a work in progress at the moment, but here’s a little hint of the productions that will be gracing these pages soon…

We are currently in re-writes with H-Quin, Inc. to bring you a new and improved “Lovington – a Rock Musical”!  Our brains took off with a new direction in the storyline, so there will be some major changes (for the better, we think) in characters and story.  We’ll say a sad farewell to a few songs that don’t fit anymore, but then we get to write some new ones, and that is a huge silver lining.

New things are coming up for UrbanErotika in 2017, and you might get some of our eroticism for the mind and soul coming to a town near you.  Stay tuned.

And of course, there are some Helluva Dame solo projects that are under wraps as we put our weirdo inspirations onto paper with feverish abandon.  Details soon(ish)…

Now if you will excuse us, we have to go play with the gleeful monsters in our heads.

Until next time.

Helluva Dame


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